We are a 360º and km0 company

Our manufacturing process covers all phases from start to finish, from idea conception to finish.


"Designing our spirit through shapes and colors"

Design is our hallmark, our passion, embodied in each color, shape and philosophy of life.



Made in Spain

We manufacture in Spain. In this way, we contribute to reducing the emission of harmful gases caused by transportation.

Digital Stamping

The most sustainable dye on the market.
We print in pigment, the most sustainable ink on the market, saving 42% water, 48% gas, 42% light and we emit up to 40% less CO2 compared to reactive digital.

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more productivity

Endorsed Sustainability

We use endorsed ecological fabrics and quality certifications of our manufacturing process

Sustainable Intelligence

"Take Care of Your Employees and They’ll Take Care of Customers"
– Richard Branson –


Equal pay among employees, and the majority of women in managerial positions


National Alares Award, Flexible Company Award


Workers with functional diversity in the workforce


Intensive schedule to promote work and family conciliation


Sistema de separación de residuos en nuestras oficinas y almacenes


Recognition of workers for using sustainable transport

Commitment 2023-2025

From 2023

We are committed to producing 60-70% more sustainable fabrics.

In 2025

We are committed to producing 100% of our products with sustainable materials.

Production and confection

We work on the passion for decoration and the need for diversity, betting on a young, carefree and nonconformist production model.

From the fabric to the finish, at SG Hogar we recognize responsibility for the social and environmental footprint generated by our technologies and operations, for this reason we are committed to ecological materials and pigment printing, the most sustainable dye on the market. Because sustainability and care for the environment is part of our DNA.

We have a trained human team and machinery specialized in digital stamping, flat machines, overlockers, quilting machines ... to offer a wide variety of products and finishes of the highest quality. We have a controlled logistics space and from which we distribute all our products.


Frankfurt & Moscú

With the aim of maintaining our focus on design and innovation, every year we are present at the largest international textile and interior design fair.



We help you sell our products

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